$170M Warren Town Center project to transform downtown

The city of Warren announced a major step in accomplishing the dream of a downtown development that could change everything.

F&C properties was chosen as the master developer of a $170 million Warren Towne Center project.

"It will change the face of Warren and it'll be a destination for people to go to," said Mayor Jim Fouts. "This is a viable project - viable in a sense that we can do it financially."

Fouts says the site of the proposed development would be at the old city hall in front of the new city hall and across from the GM Global Tech center all connected and walkable.

"It's likely to have a nightclub, a banquet center and additional amenities," he said.

Those amenities include pubs, a major grocery store like Whole Foods, Papa Joe's or Plum market along with restaurants and specialty shops.

Fouts says the center will also have a high-end boutique hotel and 500 upscale lofts. These to be connected to dining and retail thanks to a pedestrian bridge from the GM campus to the hotel.

Fouts says the city has been talking about this type of development project for a half a century, but they've never gotten this close to making it a reality until now.

Fouts says a development agreement  should be reached over the next few months, then he expects a groundbreaking ceremony before the end of 2019.
The Warren Towne Center is expected to be completed in roughly two years.
"I'm convinced the best is yet to come," he said.