18-month old girl falls 3 stories out of window from Waterford apartment

An 18-month-old girl fell from a third floor window in the Waterford Square Apartments shortly before noon Monday.

There is no update on the condition but the good news is that she was alert and crying and aware of her surroundings after the fall.

"I am devastated, broke my heart, I pray to God this child's okay," said neighbor David Nagy.

"I think it's pretty disheartening for any child to hurt themselves from that height," said neighbor Monique Guerrero. "Concerned about what the extent of injury would be."

Paramedics say the girl had fallen in the grass but not the pavement, which is good. And while they won't talk about the specifics of her injuries, they say she was alert and crying when they arrived.

Paramedics transported the toddler in an ambulance to Royal Oak Beaumont. That hospital was chosen because she was stable enough for the ride and because it is pediatric level one trauma center.

So how did this happen? The window doesn't have a screen but it's unknown if there was one originally and if it possibly just gave way.

"It was only a matter of time before something like this happened," said one resident. "Everything is falling apart."

One neighbor even called the Waterford building inspector about his safety concerns at the apartment complex after he says apartment management failed to address the issues.

Apartment management has not responded to FOX 2's phone calls. Paramedics say Waterfod police are investigating the incident.