18 Shih Tzus rescued from Dearborn house, here's how to help

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Eighteen Shih Tzus were rescued from a Dearborn house this week.

The dogs ranging as young as nine weeks, are now looking for new homes while the Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit could use a hand.

"A family member of the owner called Dearborn animal control, and they went to the home and that owner voluntarily surrendered them to us," said Katie Johnson, from the shelter.

Johnson said several of them have skin infections and ear infections right now, but nothing severe. Once they're treated and ready, they will be ready for adoption.

The Friends for Animals adoption center has already been inundated with adoption applications for the dogs.

"We're just so thankful so many people, to help these adorable little guys," Johnson said. "We really could use some financial help with the care, they're going to need, sterilized, vaccinated for a new family."

And despite not being properly cared for in the past - "They are really sweet they might be a little on the shy side," she said. "But they are really nice and playful, especially these little guys."

Until July 31, any donation that you make will be matched by the board of directors at Friends for Animals. 

Donate here: https://www.metrodetroitanimals.org/