18-year-old cancer survivor gets $20K in upgrades to his Jeep

Showing off what he proudly calls his battle wound, 18-year-old cancer survivor Devin Rummel doesn't know what the 2015 Jeep Rubicon his parents got him two months ago looks like.

His Jeep was customized for his love of off-roading with help from the Make-A-Wish foundation and American Expedition Vehicles.

"When I got cancer I rode four-wheelers all the time," Devin said. "When I had my surgery, they told me I couldn't ride four-wheelers anymore."

Diagnosed in 2012 with a rare bone cancer, Ewing's sarcoma, Devin had surgery two months later. Doctors removed his right femur and knee, replacing them with titanium and metal parts.

Within the next year and a half,  Devin and has parents, from Bryan, Ohio, say they made 99 trips to Columbus and back for chemotherapy.
"If it wasn't because he was bald and missing a lot of school, you wouldn't know he was sick," said his mom, Joy Rummel. "He's just that tough."

And cancer-free for 16 months now. On Thursday AEV revealed his new, toughened up Jeep.

"WOW," he said.

Adding custom-made parts totaling more than $20,000 - like IPF lights, a heat-reduction hood and even an air intake snorkel.

Given his new ride elevator eyes, Devin starts it up.

FOX 2: "How does it feel?"

"I love it," Devin said.

Driving around Commerce Township, Devin says he misses riding along Michigan's Silver Lake sand dunes.

"It's a jeep thing," he said.

Putting on his plate... smiling ear to ear...

Devin, proud of his new ride, but even more so of his titanium leg, said- he can't wait to put some mud on these tires.
"I'm getting butterflies, I don't know what to say."