18-year-old gets 71 months in I-96 crash that killed doctor; injured teen

A teen who crashed into a high school athlete and a cancer doctor who were helping at the scene of an accident on I-96 was sentenced to 71 months in prison Monday.

Keith Martin was charged with operating under the influence causing death and operating under the influence causing serious injury. 

Police say he crashed into an accident scene on I-96 near the Davison last April, killing Dr. Cynthia Ray and leaving himself and 16-year-old junior Sean English in the hospital.

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Police say a Jeep carrying six people flipped on its side, and both English and Dr. Ray had stopped and gotten out of their respective cars to help.

That was when another car driven by 17-year-old Keith Martin crashed into them.

Sean, a competitive runner, suffered broken bones and a mangled foot that was amputated, while Dr. Ray did not survive.

Dr. Ray was a 46-year-old physician at Henry Ford Hospital described by colleagues as a "giving, generous spirit."

Ray's talents outside the hospital were pretty unique. The pulmonary doctor, who grew up in Oklahoma, was a talented ballerina and dogsledder.

Henry Ford Hospital created a fund in Ray's name, click here for The Dr. Ray Patient Rescue Fund to help pulmonary patients receiving medical care. 

U of D Jesuit - where the motto is "Men for others" - held a mass as English recovered.

"There's no greater love than sacrificing yourself for another," the priest said during mass. "Sean was trying to help a man when his body was crushed by another accident and he lost his foot."

English posted a video in May that showed he was on his way to recovery, click here to watch. 

The teen thanks trooper Patrick Arena who was a first responder at the scene and put the tourniquet on Sean's leg.

"I could have bled to death, but he saved my life. I am so very grateful for that," he said in a press conference last May. 

Before Monday's sentencing, the judge had ruled Martin could be out on bond. But on Easter Day, prosecutors say he was stopped by police near Mt. Pleasant driving a U-Haul drunk.

"I'm in your corner, man. .... I forgive what you have done," English said to Martin in court.

Sean's mom echoed the statements, saying Martin has time to turn his life around.

"I don't want this to be the path of your life."

But the judge said after hearing about the Mt. Pleasant incident, it changed his sentence "180 degrees." Martin received 71 months in prison.