1st round of children vaccine appointments in Oakland County see huge response

More than 300 kids got their Covid vaccines at Hazel Park High School Monday - the first pediatric dose clinic of more than a dozen opening up in Oakland County for the kids.  

Anna Harthen, 11, got her first shot after FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine for ages 5 to 11 last week for the younger age group.  Now, she can actually be around her immunocompromised loved ones.  

"They would wear a mask inside our house, it will be different once I am vaccinated," she said.  

"I'm ready, so ready I can’t wait," said Shannon Harthen whose had both her children vaccinated today. 

Anna’s mom, Shannon says, the biggest door this opens up is the border to Canada. 

"I’m Canadian I have lots of family there, I can’t wait to visit," she said. 

The response to the rollout in Oakland County blew away expectation for this first round of appointments.  

"We have almost 7,000 children signed up right now," said Kate Guzman. 

Guzman, a nurse, says the county will continue to add more appointments at OaklandCountyVaccine.com. Keep an eye out.  

"For me, I’m a nurse but before a nurse, I’m a mom and my kids just got the vaccine," she said. 

And for parents worried, or nervous -  she shared how she feels.

"I believe in the vaccine clinical trials, more than 4,000 kids were tested and it proved to be safe," she said. "The worst side effect was a sore arm."