1st-year doctor rises to the challenge of Covid pandemic

For weeks, we’ve seen Covid take its toll on Michigan hospitals as the number of people infected rises every few days.

For first-year Doctor Sandeep Sohal at Royal Oak Beaumont, the pandemic is all he knows.

"This has been a very humbling pandemic," he said. "It gives you a sense that you don’t always know what’s out there."

Sohal is an infectious disease fellow who began his residency in July.

"It’s very busy right now," he said. "With the Covid cases, it’s very busy. The volume has been up a lot during the entire month of November. We do get waves where we have an increase of admissions and then a decrease. But so far, this is the most number of admissions I have seen for Covid patients."

Sohal spoke about what he has learned over the past six months.

"What I’ve learned about myself right now is how I can work under pressure, despite having a large influx of patients, I am able to dedicate the time to give each patient the attention that they deserve," he said.

Doctor Sandeep Sohal

Doctor Sandeep Sohal 

While battling a fourth wave locally, we’re seeing stories about staff shortages unfold nationally. Some experienced healthcare professionals are getting burned out - or left their jobs due to vaccine mandates.

It leaves some hospitals relying on outside help. Dr. Sohal said he has had to block out those distractions and focus on his passion — saving lives.

"For me, personally, I knew as soon as this pandemic hit, I wanted to be on the frontlines, to be in the battlefield so to speak, (and) to see covid patients face-to-face."

Dr. Sandeep Sohal says so much has changed in his first six months. Covid research is ever-evolving and like most doctors we’ve spoken to, he says the best way to stay ahead of this virus is get vaccinated.

Doctor Sandeep Sohal

Doctor Sandeep Sohal