2 dead in fatal crash after police chase on Detroit's west side

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Police are at the scene of deadly crash following a chase on Detroit's west side.

Two people are dead in the accident which happened at Paul and Ashton, near the Southfield Freeway. The chase began at about 5:40 p.m. when Michigan State Police troopers noticed a Chrysler 300 sedan on southbound Southfield with Ohio license plates driven by a person not wearing a seatbelt with tinted windows, which are illegal, Lt. Michael Shaw said. 

"The vehicle was slow to stop and exited at Ford Road and came off near Paul," Shaw said. "The troopers noticed right away that the foot was on the brake which is an indicator that they are up to something or are going to run. The trooper got on the PA system and the individual began to run, taking off at a high rate of speed.

The MSP car had lights and sirens on giving chase before the 300 struck a van, which had the right of way in the intersection of Paul and Ashton and ran into a tree.

The entire engine from the car appeared to resting on a nearby front lawn. 

"It basically split the vehicle in half," Shaw said. "We can't even tell who is in the vehicle."

Michigan State Police have not begun to remove the victims in the vehicle, which needs to be cut apart for them to be removed.

Shaw said that two lives are lost and troopers have to notify the victims' families when had they pulled over for police, the tragedy could have been avoided.

"That's the weird thing about it when you have these chases," he said. "It's (usually) a child support warrant, or nothing you would consider taking that risk to drive like that and put yourself in danger."

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