2 Detroit firefighters honored for saving man at Metro Airport

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Two Detroit firefighters are being hailed as heroes but their life saving efforts didn't have anything to do with battling a blaze.

"We're so proud to have you as part of our Delta family," said John Fechushak, Delta vice-president of operations.

Best buddies in blue humbled Thursday as Detroit firefighters Corey Woodson and Wesley Rawls received certificates of achievement and praise from the Detroit Fire Department and Delta Airlines.

"You can hear the humble nature of how they approach this," said Fire Commissioner Eric Jones. "It's unbelievable. I'm so proud of them."

"To see two gentlemen like this - even though they're trained - to step up in a moment of crisis," said Fechushak. "It's really impressive."

Woodson and Rawls on their days off were working at Detroit Metro Airport Feb. 19 and were just ending their shifts when they sprang into action.

"I heard a guy or somebody fall, and right afterwards I heard a lady screaming to help her husband," said Rawls, a senior firefighter from Engine 41.

Rawls rushed over to the screams and says he saw a man lying on the floor.

"He was unconscious, his eyes wide open and not breathing at all," Rawls said.

Checking his pulse, getting nothing, Rawls instructed a passenger to get a defibrillator as he began CPR.

"I did 30 compressions, no pulse, 30 more, no pulse still," Rawls said. "In the middle of the third set of compressions, Corey came upstairs."

Rawls was exhausted as Woodson took over chest compressions and tries to shock the man.

"Once it said no shock, we continued CPR and Wesley was bagging him," said Woodson, from Squad 3.

Rawls and Woodson say they'd been working to revive the man for about 7 to 8 minutes, but say it felt like a half hour. Then finally they got a sign of life.

"We got a faint pulse and the guy started moving his hands," Rawls said. "He closed his eyes, so we knew he had him back."

The two were overwhelmed with relief and looked over at the man's wife as her husband is brought back to life. Delta is featuring Woodson and Rawls in its upcoming national magazine. These guys say it was just another day for them - even trying to leave unnoticed.

"Me and Wes are getting acknowledged for this, but firefighters are doing this in the city of Detroit every day and so do EMS."

"Our guys just do what they need to do and get out of the way," said Mike Nevin, Firefighters Association president.  These guys are awesome firefighters."