2 Detroit firefighters involved in accidents while under the influence of alcohol resign

According to authorities with the Detroit fire department, two officers involved in accidents while being under the influence of alcohol have resigned.

In February, the first incident took place when a firefighter at a party was called on a medical run. On the way, the firefighter smashed into a parked car.

The firefighter driving the truck blew a .108 alcohol level and was suspended while an internal investigation was launched.

About a week later, a fire captain crashed a DFD SUV on the way to a call. 

Shortly after responding to the call, he was seen hanging over the lodge in the SUV and was arrested and tested for drugs and alcohol at a nearby hospital.

Detroit Fire Commissioner Eric Jones says," I’m outraged at the behavior of the chief who was supposed to be in charge of making sure that our men and women are fit for duty and he himself was not fit for duty."

Since resigning, both firefighters are not facing any additional charges.

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