2 inmates captured after escape from Lincoln Park courthouse

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Two inmates briefly escape custody in Lincoln Park from a courthouse Tuesday. 

It was a botched escape attempt that included a foot chase, a scuffle with police and a gunshot before two guys ended up in handcuffs. 

One of them, Gregory McQueen is accused of killing his wife and burying her remains in Ecorse. The other man was facing several felony charges and can now add attempted murder of a cop to the list.

It all went down in Lincoln Park around 3 p.m. Tuesday.

Police say two men overpowered a court officer as he was placing one of them in a holding cell at the 25th District Court - then bolted out of a backdoor.

"I looked down to my right here past Yum Yum Express and I see two individuals with no coats on running down the street," said Darrin Schoenberger. "And I think, it's freezing out. Why would you do that?"

It didn't take long for Schoenberger to realize something was awry. Then he spotted a cop in full sprint.

"He jumps the curb, goes over the curb, they turn around slip slide past the bus stop right there and start running towards me," he said.

Police caught up with the first suspect, who Darrin says surrendered without a fight. But it was the second man who gave cops a run for their money, struggled with an officer and got his hand on the cop's gun. 

"The officer attempted to take him down, a fight ensued," said Schoenberger. "And the officer was hitting him in the face, punching him over and over. 'Stop dude! Stop! stop! Let go of my gun. Get your hand off my gun.' And he would not, and he got the gun out and he popped a round off."

It hit a parking block. Thankfully no one was hurt.

Both men are now back in custody.