2 Redford firefighters hospitalized from electrical shocks battling home fire

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Two firefighters were injured battling a house fire in Redford Township Monday.

They were hurt after being jolted by electricity in the basement of the home near Plymouth and Inkster roads. Fire crews also rescued two people from the same home who were trapped by the smoke and flames.

At about 11 a.m. they responded to reports of heavy smoke and a man and woman trapped inside upstairs.

"They were able to get the lady out of the upstairs window down the ladder with her dog," said Fire Chief Scott Demoff. "The gentleman, they were able to get him down the stairs and out."

Both the man and woman are okay but sadly some of the family pets didn't make it.

It turns out firefighters themselves were in serious danger - battling heavy smoke in the basement - when they made contact with something that delivered a jolt of electricity.

"I've had two firefighters sent to the hospital," Demoff said. "They were both electrocuted in some way."

One was in serious condition with an elevated heart rate - the other experienced numbness following the shock - because of all the water in the basement acting as a conductor. Other firefighters felt it as well.

"The other guys all felt a tingle but the guy in front took the brunt of it so it was definitely a concern of mine," Demoff said.

Everyone is expected to be okay - it's not yet known how the fire started.