2 to be charged in fatal Brownstown crash that killed Trenton woman

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More information is surfacing after a fatal crash caused by a driver fleeing police Downriver Tuesday.

An innocent driver, Nicole Cutting, was killed in the crash involving four vehicles in Brownstown Township. The two suspects police say caused the crash are Thomas Michael Peterson and Katie Michelle Chinavare.

Peterson is being held on a parole violation awaiting possible charges of fleeing and eluding and negligent homicide and Chinavare, charged with retail fraud.

The neighbor of 27-year-old Nicole Cutting of Trenton is in disbelief. Janice Bridges along with fellow neighbors were fighting back tears after learning their young neighbor who just got married, is gone.

"Wow, I'm just shocked," Bridges said. "We all are."

"They were in love," said neighbor Ann Sparks. "They stayed to themselves but they always spoke. They both were hardworking people."

Woodhaven Township police say Cutting was killed in a four-car crash on Allen road Tuesday afternoon. They say it started when Chinavare was caught shoplifting inside Meijer.

"The Meijer security personnel did escort her back into the Meijer," said Woodhaven Police Chief Vincent Price. "She broke free from the Meijer security."

Police say the woman ran out to a black truck in the parking lot with Peterson inside and drove off. Security then called police for help.

"The suspect then started driving recklessly down the freeway," Price said.

Police tried to catch the suspects in the heavy traffic, unable to get the license plate from the truck. But only two minutes later it was too late. The truck slammed into three other cars near Dix-Toledo and Allen Road, killing Cutting.

Woodhaven police say the chase was only two minutes but ending in that crash affecting countless lives forever.

Now police, neighbors and friends are left horrified.

"The fact that she was killed over shoplifting upsets me more than anything," said friend Daniel Sparks. "Why would you waste someone's life over shoplifting.

"I hope they rot in jail."

"She didn't deserve this," Ann Sparks said. "I just hope justice comes."