2-year-old accidentally shoots himself on Detroit's east side

A 2-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital with a gunshot wound after accidentally shooting himself on Detroit's east side. 

When Loren Garner heard a bang in his east side neighborhood, he didn't immediately go check on it -- because he's sadly used to it, he says.

But then he saw police cars and people standing around.

"I heard a lady say my baby shot himself," Garner said. "They just drove straight up the street and thank God the hospital is right up the street ."

Detroit police say the 2-year-old boy found a 9mm weapon under a pillow. Once the child got a hold of the gun he shot himself. According to investigators, the bullet went through the child's stomach and rear end.

Police say the father is being detained as the investigation continues. Residents say the 2-year old is named Jacob.

Neighbors say they hope this incident serve as a warning to parents who have children and choose to have a gun inside the home .