2-year-old critically injured after getting head caught in car window unsupervised

Detroit police are investigating after a young girl became unconscious after being left unsupervised on the city's southwest side.

"I was walking out to my car last night, and I saw the little girl’s neck hanging outside the window, the window was only 2-3 inches at the most," the witness said.

She was still a bit flustered hours later, and the neighbor didn’t want to reveal her identity - but she told us about finding an unconscious toddler in a car on Rathbone Street.

Seconds after the discovery, the neighbor said she grabbed her phone and dialed 911.

"Maybe a few minutes later, the adults who were caring for her came out," she said. "They got her out of the situation, but she still hadn’t been responding until the ambulance came."

FOX 2: "She was the only one in the car?"

"There were two other kids alone," the neighbor said.

Cell phone video from Tuesday night shows a Detroit police SUV after the commotion died down.

FOX 2 went to the address where police responded. No one answered the door.

Sources tell FOX 2 that an adult woman, who was in the car and walked into a home to use the bathroom — leaving the toddler and two other kids in the vehicle.

When the woman returned, the window was up to the toddler’s neck.

At this time — the 2-year-old is in critical condition. What we don’t yet know is the woman’s relationship with the toddler and why the little girl’s head was sticking out of the car window.

"It was very traumatizing," the witness said. "I was very shaken up, because I could imagine my son in that situation or any kids in my family. I even felt like crying, and I didn’t know the little girl."

At this time Detroit police won’t say much about this case except that it’s still under investigation.