2-year-old hit by car during Detroit Easter party

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Plastic eggs were still scattered across the lawn where Dajernett McBride hosted a big Easter celebration with family and friends Sunday afternoon. People were eating, and the kids were laughing and playing. She says 2-year-old Cameron Amos was asking for a hotdog, but the next thing they knew he was in the middle of the street.

"He moved so quick, we took our eyes off him for a hot second," she says. "It happened that fast."

In a matter of moments, a man driving a black Hyundai Santa Fe hit the boy. His mother didn't have enough time to grab him.

Police rushed to the house on Patton Street in Detroit. Officers say the driver, 50-year-old Noah Nyagowa, who is also a neighbor, did stop. He was eventually arrested for driving without a license.

Cameron was rushed to Detroit Children's Hospital. His injuries, luckily, are only minor and he's in stable condition. 

"He had some bruises and like burn marks, abrasions on his face," says Marquita Kennedy, the boy's cousin. "He's OK, he's doing fine."

Kennedy just got back from visiting her baby cousin Cameron, who we are told is expected to be released by the end of the day Monday.

"Still dancing, still talking, just being his normal self," she says. "At the hospital, he wanted his hotdog still."

"We just thank God he's still alive," McBride says. "Thank God for that."

Officers at the scene found no evidence of neglect, just a terrible accident which could have been worse.