2-year-old in critical condition after falling into pool

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A quiet Dearborn community is in shock after a 2-year-old child falls into her neighbor's backyard swimming pool.

"They are good people, I know that she's real upset it is no fault of her own," said neighbor Roy Reppenhagen.

The incident unfolded just before 10:30 Friday morning. It's believed the little girl and her 3-year-old brother left their home as their parents were sleeping and climbed a fence putting them in their neighbor's backyard.

"They just put the pool up," said Reppenhagen. "Didn't put it up last year. They put it up just a week or two ago."

Police believe the 2-year-old climbed the pool ladder and got into the swimming pool.  At some point the homeowner saw the toddler in the pool, ran out and started to administer CPR.

The neighbor says the homeowner is mindful to practice pool safety.

"The ladder is always up," Reppenhagen said.  "Last night at 12 a.m. when I came home it was up."

Police say Dearborn Rescue arrived on scene and transported the little girl to a local hospital where she is listed in critical condition. Her brother did not receive any injuries.

As police continue to investigate, neighbors can't believe a tragedy like this would happen so close to home.

"I just don't think about stuff like that (happening)," Reppenhagen said. "It's just a little kid."