20 cars left with smashed windshields in Pontiac vandalism spree

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There have been no arrests made yet after a smashed window spree left damage across a Pontiac neighborhood.

Within about a week, nearly 20 cars were victims of bricks and boulders- big ones.

"My car was damaged," said Thomas Taylor. "It is sitting out in the street and a big boulder was thrown through the windshield."

It happened Tuesday, on West Cornell Street, sometime roughly between 2:30 in the morning and 7:30 the next morning.  And that's not all.    

"Six cars on this block alone, next block about five or six, I think nine was done last night - about 20 to 25 altogether," Taylor said. "It's crazy."

Crazy - and it's become quite the social media concern with others posting pictures of their latest disasters on Pontiac Universal Crimes. 

"If it's kids they must be awfully strong because it took two people to lift it out if there," Taylor said.

And, some neighbors, like Gregory Washington, are taking extra precautions-  hopefully trying to prevent more smashes and to catch these suspects.  

"I already have cameras Front of my house anyway so I hope they don't come for me because it might be bad," he said.

The cops believe a dark colored Jeep Wrangler may be involved -but Gregory is talking about some street justice.  

"Street justice is bad just us I just hope they cut it out before something really bad happens," he said.

The Oakland County Sheriff does know about this and they are investigating. But they need your help. If you have information, give them a call.