2018 Cass Tech grad awards college scholarship he started for Detroit students

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FOX 2 viewers first met former Cass Tech student Joshua McIntosh in August - right before he started his freshman year at Georgetown University.

Two months later, McIntosh is back in Detroit to make good on a promise. He wants to help students from middle class families like himself overcome the challenges of paying for college.

"Since then I had the application pulled and we were able to select a student and give a scholarship back to a student to help pay for college applications," said McIntosh.

That student is Cass Tech senior Jaleah Green.

"It's very helpful," Green said. "My sister, she's in college, and she did not get financial aid. So they have to pay for her room and board. And there is the added thing of me being in my senior year. Senior year is very expensive."

McIntosh started the scholarship through his *Consider the Ant Foundation* because his initial search for financial assistance was hurt by his family's financial status.

He says when he read Jaleah's application he knew she was the perfect choice to be his first recipient of a $500 scholarship 

"I saw a lot of myself in her," he said.

McIntosh says the scholarship was made possible by people who believe in him.

"There were a lot of donors that were able to donate to me," he said.
McIntosh says Georgetown University stepped in and provided him a four-year academic scholarship.  But he realizes all students may not be so lucky.

As Joshua continues to pursue his studies he says this won't be his last scholarship give away.

"Hopefully we can do two for next year," McIntosh said.

Cass Tech's principal says she hopes others will learn from Joshua's commitment to help others and not just think of themselves

"It is never too early to give back, " said Lisa Phillips, Cass Tech principal. "You are never too young. You don't have to wait until you’ve gotten a job or you are out here in this world of work. 

"You give back whenever you can. When you feel it, it has to be love coming from within. That is what Joshua represents for Cass Tech."

For more information, contact Consider the Ant by email at jcm417@georgetwon.edu