2019 crime stats in Detroit show overall downward trend, chief says

Chief Craig gathered with other officials from the Detroit Police Department, the FBI and Michigan State Police Friday afternoon to discuss 2019's crime statistics in the city.

Overall, violent crimes are trending down - decreasing from 16 percent since 2015 and 4 percent from 2018 to 2019. Those crimes include homicide, rape, robbery and aggravated assault.

Carjackings have been cut by half over the last five years, registering a 53 percent drop since 2015. Robberies dropped by 35 percent. However, statistics also show fatal and non-fatal shootings have ticked up slightly.

After peaking in 2016 with 305, homicide rates did decline, before registering a 5 percent increase in 2019. Non-fatal shootings rose by 2 percent. 

Craig attributed the declining numbers to DPD making arrests and seizing weapons involving four west-side gang members. 

"We're going to continue to drive this as one of our strategies. There was a negotiated truce," said Craig.

In fact, over the summer the department started a new campaign after several senseless shootings to "check yourself, stop the violence." Also, Project Green Light locations have been rapidly increasing, as well as efforts to bring ceasefires and community involvement.

 "It's been a lot more interfacing with community, faith-based organizations, and I believe it is going to take all of us in order to keep this kind of decline happening," said Daryl Harris of Ceasefire

Praising DPD's work was a member of the FBI's Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division, which said it had been one of the most progressive the group had worked with. That's due to using the crime gun intelligence program.

"Your team is the most progressive team I have worked with in 23 years of law enforcement across this country," said the ATF represent