2024 tax season: Free help available for low-income families in metro Detroit

Tax season is here. While it's a daunting task, some Michigan taxpayers can expect an increase in their refunds this year under the amended Earned Income Tax Credit law that was signed by the governor in 2023. 

And to make filing taxes easier for working families and individuals, the Accounting Aid Society is available throughout southeast Michigan.

"This is the kind of difference we make: We put $30 million back into the community through the several thousand tax returns that we filed," said Priscilla Perkins, the president and CEO of the Accounting Aid Society. 

Six weeks ago, the organization was looking for volunteers to train as IRS-tax preparers for lower-income families.

"We had about 300 people step up," Perkins said. "We were really excited about that… We’ve got an army of volunteers."

Perkins said if your household income is $64,000 or less, the Accounting Aid Society can prepare your taxes free of charge – with a return three weeks later.

"The good news is that working families, through the earned income tax credit, are going to receive bigger credits and refunds than they did last year," Perkins said. "If you filed for your 2022 taxes last year, you can expect a 24% match from the state of Michigan to arrive in your mailbox in late February."


Michigan expanded Earned Income Tax Credit Explainer: Do I qualify and how much can I receive?

More than 700,000 Michigan families will qualify for the tax credit after the benefit increased five-fold. Those who are eligible will receive two checks next year - here's why:

The Accounting Aid Society has two dozen locations around metro Detroit.

You can call to schedule an appointment at 313-556-1920. You can schedule one online by clicking here.

"Individuals can file their state income tax return online, with a tax professional or by mailing in paper forms and documentation," according to Michigan's Department of Treasury. "All state of Michigan income tax returns and payment of any taxes owed must be received by April 15, 2024."