21-year-old killed in murder spree had just found direction in life, mom says

At 21 years old, Kristin Thomas was full of ambition and was overjoyed to share her goals with her mom.

"We just talked last night about the direction of her life and she said that she was going to ahead and pursue a cosmetology degree," Suprenia Thomas said.

In the meantime, Thomas was doing what she could to make ends meet.

"She just wanted to do better and so she decided to take a job at the McDonald's on Telegraph," she said.

But when her work called Thomas' mother Monday morning to say she never arrived at work, Suprenia had a bad feeling. Moments later she heard the talk around the neighborhood about a tragedy just up the road.

"Somebody got hurt at the gas station. I immediately said to myself let me throw my clothes on and get up the street," she said.

There at the corner of Fenkell and Beaverland, she waited an agonizing 45 minutes only to learn the horrible truth.

Thomas was killed, along with Deacon Raphael Hall and his daughter Cierra Bargaineer, the girlfriend of the alleged killer George Davis Jr.  
Police tell us Davis Jr. would eventually kill his own cousin, carjack a woman and get into a stand-off with police in Ohio before killing himself, leaving more than one grieving family to wonder how and why their loved ones could be so entangled in such a horrific crime spree. 

"She was very jovial young lady. She just had a sweet, sweet spirit," Suprenia said.