22-year-old dies after stabbing in street in Taylor

Police are investigating the stabbing death of a 22-year-old man in Taylor.

Police got a 911 call around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday that someone had been stabbed. The stabbing appeared to have happened in the street in the 8000 block of Clippert Street, which is near Mortenview Drive and Wick Road.

Police say the victim was rushed to the hospital, where he later died.

Police do have a 23-year-old man in custody.

Police haven't detailed the circumstances leading up to the stabbing, but have said that the two men knew each other.

Neighbors say they were stunned to wake up and see a crime scene on their block.

"Nice neighborhood; there's never any problems," says Brian. "We got kids that play around here outside all the time. This is totally, totally unexpected."

Police haven't yet named the suspect or victim.

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