23-year-old charged with robbing spree of Warren Family Dollars

Just days ago Warren police say Stacy Thomas was on camera waving around a gun during a robbery.
On Friday Thomas, 23, was arraigned on three counts of armed robbery. Police say the Clinton Township man who apparently fancies Family Dollar stores in Warren spent the last two weeks, robbing employees and stealing cash.

"If you come into this city and commit a crime, you're going to pay for it," said Det. Kevin Borycz. "That's what's happening to this guy."

Police say Thomas robbed an employee at gunpoint inside the Family Dollar on Eight Mile and Groesbeck April 28th. He fled with cash, then on May 8th he hit up the same store for more money leaving employees terrified.

"He's brazen, to go in there within a few weeks, and rob the same place wearing almost the exact same clothing," Borycz said. "Using the exact same motive."

And the next day Thomas robbed an employee at a Family Dollar on Eight Mile and Van Dyke. This time, he allegedly became violent.

"He punched one of the clerks in the chest with the firearm before he fled," Borycz said. 

Warren police searched the area with tracking dogs and picked up a scent, then losing it. But then came a crack in the case.

"Our special operations unit was able to find cameras on residences and watch him run down the street and get into a suspect's vehicle."

The car police say was driven by his pregnant girlfriend, 21-year-old Kimberly Kennedy, of Clinton Township. But they weren't getting away this time.

"Once they tracked the car they found the suspect inside the vehicle and followed him down to Detroit," Borycz said.

Once Warren police found and arrested Thomas, they say clerks were able to easily ID him in a photo lineup. Thomas and Kennedy both confessed. 

Warren police also linked Thomas to another armed robbery at a Family Dollar on Eight Mile and Ryan back in February.

"There could be some more once his fingerprints come back," said Borycz.

Meanwhile, Kennedy, who is seven months pregnant, was charged with one count of armed robbery and is expected to be arraigned next week. 

Thomas was given a $600,000 cash bond.