24 families lose everything in Westland apartment fire

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People who lost their homes are trying to pick up the pieces after a Westland apartment building was destroyed by a fire.

Investigators say they think it started in the kitchen of one of the apartments while someone was cooking.

"I was like everything we worked for is gone. We don't have nothing. We just have each other," said Jabriel Reed.

One month ago today, Reed his girlfriend and their one year old moved in to the Westwood Village Apartments in Westland. Then on Wednesday night, a fire destroyed everything they own. 

"I got a call from my girlfriend she said there are flames. Everything was on fire, it's burning down," he said.

People watched as firefighters tried to save their homes. 

"I don't even know what to think right now," one tenant said.

Everyone made it out safely but several pets were killed.

"I tried to get to my cat but he was jumping behind stuff and I couldn't get to him," another tenant said.

The management company who owns this complex owns Woodland Villa Apartments Westland. There was a fire there last month - two people were killed.  The donations that poured in for those families are now being given to the 24 new families who need everything.

Caitlin Machinski, who lives in a neighboring building, fought tears as she passed out basic supplies to two families with babies. 

"I mean I don't have kids or anything but I can't imagine ... losing everything," she said.

They're staying in hotels for now, paid for by the management company, who says they are trying to relocate people. 

Jabriel says above everything, he's just thankful his baby girl is OK.

"The plan is just to grind and just stay focused and move on, overcome these obstacles," he said.