$250,000 awarded to former student in Pugh sex lawsuit

A verdict of has been reached in the Charles Pugh civil trial.

The jury awarded $250,000 against Pugh and ruled for the plaintiff for battery and emotional distress but not for sexual harassment. 

The young man and his family originally sued for $1 million. 

The decision was reached at about 4:30 p.m. Monday after almost a week of testimony.

The young man and former Frederick Douglass student alleged Pugh tried to turn him into a prostitute.

Pugh met the student through his mentorship program at Frederick Douglass Academy when he was 17. He started sending the explicit texts soon after his 18th birthday.

Last week the young man and his mother both testified against Pugh. His mother accused Pugh of preying on her son.

Pugh, the former Detroit City Council president, lives in New York after fleeing the state and his post in city government, was not present in federal court.