3 hospitalized after driver crashes into Detroit gas station

Three people were hospitalized Friday after a woman crashed her vehicle into a Detroit gas station.

Detroit police see three people were injured after a possible "vehicle malfunction" caused a woman to drive into the side of a Detroit gas station near West McNichols and Schaefer.

Store owner Mohamed Mallah said it appeared after she pumped gas into her vehicle and started it up, something went awry.

"I think something was wrong with her car. She just drove into the store and she hit my employee and a customer," he said.

Mariah Williams says she was cashing out a customer and as she handed back the change, the car came crashing through the door of the gas station. 

"It came full speed, as far as I'm concerned," she said. "I'm just shocked."

Detroit police say the three people injured were the employee, a customer, and the driver. Williams said the employee suffered injuries to her leg and shoulder and the customer's hand was hurt. All three were taken to the hospital and are in stable condition.

Just before the crash, Williams said the driver had come inside the store. 

"She was fine. She was nice, she was sweet, and she got her stuff and she left," she said.

Williams says she's not sure what happened, whether the woman's brakes went out or something of that nature.

"It was a big boom, obviously. We all were scared. I jumped," she said.

Mallah said he's not sure what the damage will cost nor how long it'll take to fix.