3 men planned Lyft carjacking, found with car at suspect's parents' house in Detroit, police say

Detroit Police and the FBI say three men who planned a carjacking of a Lyft driver later parked the car at one of the suspect's house and were found with it just hours after the heist.

According to a criminal complaint filed in federal court, Marquel Bazemore, Joseph Shade-Hubbard, and Jesse Evans all conspired to carjack a Lyft driver on Friday morning.

Police said the driver accepted a ride from a customer named 'Ghetto Boy' around 4 a.m. at 8 Mile and I-75. The driver said he picked up three black men, all wearing hoodies, in his 2007 Cadillac Escalade and drove them to the area of Mark Twain and Lyndon.

When parked there, the passenger, later identified as Bazemore, got out of the back seat and opened the front door of the SUV and started punching the victim, the complaint says. As the driver was trying to protect himself, he said Evans pulled a gun and pointed it at him while Bazemore told him "give me everything".

The victim stopped trying to fight back and said "don't shoot. I don't got no problem". At that point, two men went through his pockets and took his wallet, credit cards and $70 in cash before telling him to run away, according to police.

Shade-Hubbard was driving with the other two men in the SUV, the victim said. 

The victim was able to call police to report his car stolen and give a description of the suspect. The Detroit Police Department Commercial Auto Theft section tracked the car down to a home on Dean Street on the east side.

Police watched the car and, around 11 a.m., saw a man get into it and drive to a gas station. He was arrested and later identified as Shade-Hubbard. 

He told police his address was on Dean Street, the same home police had watched him walk out of. Police returned with a warrant and said they found Evans and Bazemore inside of Evans' bedroom, which also contained three hoodies and a Glock.

The home, police said, belongs Evans' parents.

Evans matched the victim description and Bazemore had the man's stolen credit cards in his pockets, police said. 

The victim also picked Evans out of a lineup.

The next day, all three were interviewed and admitted to planning the carjacking. Bazemore and Evans said the three of them talked about the plan and it was Shade-Hubbard's idea to rob a lyft driver.

Police said Bazemore admitted to pulling the victim from the car and beating him while Evans admitted to planning the robbery on the phone with Shade-Hubbard.

Shade-Hubbard also said the destination he put on Lyft was his sister's home, police said.

Bazemore ordered delivery using the stolen card and Shade-Hubbard said he drove the SUV to the gas station to buy socks and other items.

Evans admitted to pulling the gun on the driver and later hiding it under his bed when police arrived with the search warrant.

All three men have been charged with carjacking and using a gun during and in relation to a violent crime. 

But they could also be charged with more crimes including taking a car that's been transported, shipped or received in interstate or foreign commerce. That charge is because the Lyft driver said he had used the car to drive passengers to Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Canada with another rideshare company.