3 men shot during robbery outside ice cream truck in Detroit

Three were injured in a shooting during an attempted robbery Monday as a man attempted to buy ice cream on Detroit's west side.

The incident took place on the corner of Lauder and Belton on Monday night on Detroit's west side.

Police say a man was standing at an ice cream truck about to buy some ice cream when someone to tried rob him.

 Gunfire erupted and when it was all over, the man who was trying to buy the ice cream had been shot.

The two men who police believed fired shots were also shot, possibly by each other.

Happening at the same time across the street was a get together after a funeral for a young woman who died of kidney failure.

"I don't know nothing but God (expletive) gunshots .... We heard gun shots and everybody moved," a witness said.

Police say the man trying to buy the ice cream is in temporary serious condition, and the two suspects are in temporary serious condition and stable condition, respectively.

"We trying to eat food and break bread ... We don't know nothing about what happened or how it took place," the witness said.