3 weeks to due date, Jessica Starr addresses viewer's hurtful comments

Jessica sat down with Amy Andrews and Deena Centofanti to talk about when opinions of women in the spotlight go from constructive criticism to flat-out rude. 

"When we are delivering the news, it's not really fair for you to talk about what we're wearing," Amy thinks. 

"It's a funny thing because, some of it is, we appreciate the interaction with our viewers and that's why we do engage in Twitter and Facebook," says Deena. "[Some of the interaction] is like a friend reaching out to you. I've gotten emails that say, 'Deena, don't wear that dress. It's not flattering,' and I kind of appreciate it!"

Jessica also shared her struggles with being pregnant on-air. Jessica is due the first week of April with a baby girl. 

"It's harder as a weather person than as an anchor person because we are also in front of the green screen. We turn to the side, you see it," she says. 

"I just hate that you have to worry about it," says Amy. "[Pregnancy] should be a happy, stress-free time."

They also discussed how easy it is to share opinions on social media now. 

"There's not a face. You're not face-to-face with a person. So, someone who would never say to your face, you know, 'Amy, are you pregnant?' I get that every once in a while, depending on what I wear, or what I ate the night before," Amy laughs. "And they wouldn't say that to my face!"

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Although women seemingly both give and receive the brunt of the criticism, it comes from men, too. 

"It's not just women who criticize your makeup and your hair. Men do it, too," Amy pointed out. 

Also, recently a London man was blasted on social media for his weight. Photos began circulating of him dancing at a concert with the following caption, "Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing."

The online community has rallied together, though, and thousands in Los Angeles have pledge to join the 'The Dancing Man' for a massive party. Some celebrities are even pitching in to show their support for the man. 

Viewers shared their thoughts on social media, too.