3-year-old shot on Southfield Fwy; shutdown deadline looms

Part 1: 3-year-old shot on Southfield Freeway 

A senseless shooting claimed the life of a 3-year-old boy in Detroit one week ago today on the Southfield Freeway. He was on his way to see a performance of Sesame Street Live when he was shot. The suspect turned himself into police with the help of his family and his church. 

On the panel: 
Charmaine Strickland, 
Chief Ralphy Godbee, DPSCD Police Chief
Minister Fuqua Bey, Moorish Science Temple of Detroit

Part 2: Government shutdown deadline looms

The president and the Democrats seems further away than ever on a deal to keep the government open past mid-February. Can the freshman class in Congress break the stalemate? One of MIchigan's newest Congresswomen is here with some insight. 

On the panel: 
Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D), Michigan
Jamie Roe, co-founder Grand River Strategies
Ron Fournier, President Truscott-Rossman

Part 3: On the Road
What is the major issue you would like to see Congress and the president solve within the next month?