$4.5M vacant house near Little Caesars Arena could be condemned

It's a hefty price tag on a vacant home but with a location right next to the new Little Caesars Arena, but the house could be condemned after owners racked up thousands in blight violations.

The owners are hoping to sell for $4.5 million. The ticket history totals $50,000 - $60,000 in violations that haven’t been paid yet. The city is taking the owners, C M and S Family limited partnership to court. 

Burned-out house in Red Wings arena district jumps to $5M

FOX 2 reached out with no response. The city did too.

If the city wins:

"The judge can let us enter the property to clean it up and send a bill, we can get a judgment from the court for money, we can put that against the property as a lien," said corporation counsel Lawrence Garcia.

Even if the city tears the house down, the owners still own the property.