4 Detroit officers injured after being hit by drunk driver

Four Detroit police officers are in temporary serious condition Sunday after a truck being driven by a drunk driver crashed into the squad car they were standing next to late Saturday night.

According to police the incident occurred near 11 p.m. at Wyoming and Puritan in the city of Detroit. Four officers from the 12th precinct were at Wyoming and Puritan investigating a 16-year-old male for a car burglary. The 16-year-old male was detained and placed in the rear of the scout car.

That is when police say the driver of a red pickup truck struck the rear of the scout car. The driver of the red pickup then continued on and struck two officers who were standing outside of their vehicle

The four officers along with the 16-year-old burglary suspect were all conveyed to the hospital and are listed in temporary serious condition.

The driver of the pickup truck who is a 54-year-old male was arrested for operating under the influence of liquor and taken to the Detroit Detention Center.

The driver of the suspect vehicle sustained no injuries