45 Magnum P.I.'s ejected from Tigers game for 'catcalling'

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45 Magnum P.I.'s - and a cardboard cutout of Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I. -  say they were ejected from the Tigers game on Saturday. Image courtesy Joe Tuccini.

Saturday night was Star Wars night at Comerica Park but it was a large group of Magnum P.I. impersonators who stole the attention of security.

45 men dressed as Thomas Magnum, the Tom Selleck iconic character in the 1980s TV show Magnum P.I., were tossed out of the ballpark Saturday. The huge group was at the game for Joe Tuccini's bachelor party.

The Allen Park resident told FOX 2 that the Tigers told him they were ejected for 'catcalling' but he says that's not true. He said that he thinks the Tigers security escorted him out of the ballpark because the group was drawing attention away from the Tigers - who lost 10-4 to the White Sox.

The group of 45 Magnum P.I.'s - which included a cardboard cutout of Magnum P.I. - were escorted from the park. Watch it in the video below.

Tuccini said that they're asking the Tigers to reimburse them with tickets for next season and to also extend an invite to Selleck, a Tigers fan himself.

A spokesperson for the Tigers released a statement regarding the incident, saying in part:

"It was inappropriate behavior; the group was given multiple warnings. They violated the code of conduct and were asked to leave and have not been banned from the park."

Selleck wore the Tigers baseball hat along with a Hawaiian shirt in the show that aired for eight seasons and won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama.

The Tigers and Selleck have not commented on the Magnum lookalikes.