$465M COVID-19 relief package for Michigan goes to Whitmer for approval

Finally. a bi-partisan Covid relief package months in the making, is now on the governor’s desk and awaiting a stamp of approval. 

"I’m pretty convinced that she is going to support this, I mean we’ve got to get the resources and the funds out there," said Rep. Christine Greig, House Democratic leader. 

Greig says the $465 million has a big emphasis on small business grants. Up to $20,000 grants for businesses completely closed, and specific grants for individuals who’ve lost their jobs because of state Covid orders.   

"Could we do more? Absolutely but we are going to need the federal government to be our partner with that," Greig said.

Other key elements include money for communities to deliver and administer Covid vaccines, more PPE, and other layers of protection for frontline workers.

The money will come out of the general fund, for now, it's possible federal money will replenish that when the feds figure out its pandemic package. 

Money could start getting doled out as early as next month.

"Remember, in a normal year we have a $60 billion budget, $465 million sounds like a huge number but the needs out there are really great," Greig said. 

The governor indicates support of a $100 million portion of the bill to help small businesses and entertainment venues. Governor Gretchen Whitmer will take action on the entire bill next week.