4th family member charged after Flint security guard murdered over face mask dispute

Brya Bishop, 24, is accused of interfering with the investigation of a Family Dollar security guard's murder in Flint, Mich. and has been charged with three felonies. 

A fourth family member has been charged following the murder of a security guard at a Family Dollar store in Flint, Mich. last week. 

Authorities say 24-year-old Brya Bishop, who is the daughter of the woman who was asked to wear a face mask and is also the sister of the young man accused of shooting the guard, has interfered with the investigation. She's been charged with three felonies: tampering with evidence, lying to police and accessory after the fact.

Police say her brother, 23-year-old Ramonyea Bishop, went up to the store with their stepfather,  Larry Teague, to confront the security guard after he got into a fight with Sharmel Teague, 45, about her lack of face covering. 

Sharmel went to the store on Fifth Avenue in Flint the afternoon of Friday, May 1 and was asked by security guard Calvin Munerlyn, 43, to put on a face covering. 

Authorities say the two got into a fight about it and that Sharmel began yelling at Munerlyn and spit at him. Munerlyn told her to leave the store and told a cashier not to serve her. 

The woman left the store and a short time later her husband and her son went to the store and confronted Munerlyn. Her son is alleged to have then pulled out a gun and shot Munerlyn in the back of the head, killing him. 

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All three of them have been charged with first-degree murder and felony firearm. 

Larry Teague (L), Sharmel Teague (M) and Ramonyea Bishop (R) have all been charged with first-degree murder in connection with the death of a Family Dollar security guard in Flint, Mich. 

Sharmel is in custody but authorities are still looking for her son and her husband

Sharmel's daughter is also now in custody at the Genesee County Jail, charged with the three felonies for interfering with the investigation. Brya will be arraigned on the charges in 67th District Court.

Sharmel has already been arraigned and remains in jail with no bond and is due in court again on May 14. 

Meanwhile, prosecutors urge anyone with information about Larry Teague or Ramonyea Bishop's location to call police, call 866-865-TIPS or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP, where you will remain anonymous.

U.S. Marshals are offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to their arrest.