5 Dallas police officers killed, several others wounded in sniper attack during protest

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Snipers opened fire on Dallas police officer killing five and wounding at least seven others Thursday night.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown said that the scene is still active with a barricaded suspect in a parking structure. That person is exchanging gunfire and has said that "The end is coming" and that there are bombs planted "all over the place."

Police are investigating around the downtown area to see if there are explosive devices planted around the downtown area. A female suspect is also in custody, Brown added.

Brown made the announcement at 1:40 a.m. EST where he said least four suspects were involved in the attack, led by two snipers. Brown said the suspects were working together at the same time as a peaceful protest was being held over two recent fatal shootings of black men.

Above a live stream video by Tariq Nasheed was posted on Facebook. Caution: Explicit language is used.

"They were working together with rifles working at different points in the downtown area along the route of the march," Brown said. "There had to be knowledge of the route."

Brown said that "all motives are on the table" behind the attack and that it is unknown if the suspects were part of the rally at some point beforehand.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings lamented the losses of the officers.

"It has been a heartbreaking day to lose four officers," Rawlings said, adding it is not hyperbole to say they put their lives on the line everyday.

The gunfire broke out around 8:45 p.m. Thursday while hundreds of people were gathered to protest fatal police shootings this week in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and suburban St. Paul, Minnesota.

A person of interest turned himself in after police circulated pictures of him online. A second suspect that was involved in a shootout with Dallas SWAT officers is also in custody.

Brown says two other suspects are arrested and being questioned after they were seen with camouflage bags.

Police say a suspicious package was found near a suspect's location and is being secured by DPD bomb squad.

Brown says he is not confident that all suspects have been accounted for, and Dallas police will continue to work throughout the night to search for them.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.