5 firefighters taken to hospital after home collapse in southwest Detroit

Five firefighters have been taken to the hospital after a home collapsed during a fire Thursday afternoon. 

Three were rushed to the hospital with unknown injuries, but are expected to be okay. The other two firefighters were taken to the hospital later on for smoke inhalation. 

The crew was responding to a fire at a home in the area of Whittaker and Mullane Street in southwest Detroit. 

As they were fighting, the home collapsed and firefighters called in a mayday.

A firefighter had become trapped under the burning material.

"That roof collapsed on top of firefighters inside," said DFD commissioner Dave Fornell. "One firefighter trapped in the debris." 

That firefighter was pulled and has been admitted to the burn unit at a local hospital

In addition to the firefighter who was trapped, the other four firefighters received injuries stemming from heat-related injuries, muscle pain, and smoke inhalation.

"One thing about us, we are the best at what we do so we have to remain calm to continue to help who needs to (be) helped," said Freeman.

Investigators say the house was vacant and they are working to locate the owner. We found one man who was living on the back porch of the house after getting evicted from his apartment. 

"I had been living there for a month or two," the man said. "I have no idea what happened left this morning came back and it was fire." 

Firefighters are still working to determine the cause of the fire.

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