5 mini horses escape along Fla. turnpike during rush hour

A little town in northeast Florida had an unusual traffic report Wednesday morning.

Five mini horses escaped their fence and were running along the Florida Turnpike -- right next to rush hour traffic. It took Florida Highway Patrol Officers and neighbors about 45 minutes to take the animals back to greener pastures.

"I heard that they were on the Turnpike, so I hope they didn't get hurt," neighbor Gladyz Rodriguez told WSVN. Fortunately, no animals (or humans) were hurt in the ordeal.

After they were safe at home in Miramar, their owner immediately began working on the broken fence. Miramar, Fla. is about 20 miles north of Miami.

The animals seemed happy to be back home. One was seen on chopper video rolling in the dirt, and the others headed straight for the grub.

Turns out racing commuters down the turnpike works up a good appetite.