50 men face deportation after cockfighting ring bust in SW Detroit

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Fifty men facing possible deportation after an alleged cockfighting and gambling ring is busted in Detroit.

A major cockfighting ring was busted in Detroit on Green Street on the southwest side of the city.

Homeland Security is coordinating the ongoing investigation involving Detroit police, Michigan State Police, Border Patrol and others. Fifty people were arrested for immigration violations and one for illegal gambling.

FOX 2 takes you inside the building where it all took place, but caution, some of the evidence may be disturbing.

Along one of the walls are the cages where the roosters were used for fighting purposes. There is a ring, where you can still see many feathers, many sticks. Blood stains are along the walls of the ring where people bet on the fights which are illegal.

A spokesperson for Homeland Security said that 100 birds were found inside the abandoned warehouse and turned over to the Michigan Department of Agriculture where they were euthanized.

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FOX 2: "What do you hear about cockfighting around here?"

"There is like a gambling thing, that they bet on it, like a horse track thing, like dogfighting," said neighbor Malinda Gonzalez. 

Evidence of cockfighting remains. Ticket stubs, booze and wild artwork as well as pieces of hay and feathers can be seen strewn about.

The city does allow some wild farm animals but not for the purpose of cockfighting.