50th anniversary of Hash Bash held in Ann Arbor

Hash Bash has been held annually in Ann Arbor since 1972 making this year's event the 50th anniversary.

"I've just met some amazing people, such genuine people.  A lot of giveaways, a lot of 25% off sales in stores… a lot of good retail here," Bryan Smith said.

Attendees came together in the name of marijuana on the University of Michigan's campus.

It is held annually on the first Saturday of April.

"No one is discriminating, everyone is being very open and nice. I can't imagine it gets much better," Matthew Crawford said.

This year was held in-person as opposed to the virtual events held previously due to COVID-19.

"The pandemic had everyone locked up and this is the first event I've been to where I can vibe with people, smoke good weed and have a good time," Brandon McCloud said.

"It's been closed down for two years, but now everyone is coming together and meeting again. It's a great time," Jason Dickerson said.

Hash Bash is usually a party on its own, but this year's event had extra cause for celebration. The House has voted to legalize marijuana at the federal level.

The senate still needs to approve the bill before it reaches President Biden's desk.

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"That's a big victory for anyone who smokes weed in general. So, I think having hash bash is a good way for people to connect again."

"I can see change, and I'm liking the way it's going."

Event vendors are taking advantage of the exposure at Hash Bash and growing their industry at the local level.

"We have to get rid of the reputation of it just being a street drug… Especially with our brand here, we like to promote a clean professional atmosphere," said Andrea Voulgaris, from Bud Tender Pure Roots.

Organizers estimated that around 8,000 to 15,000 people attended this year's Hash Bash event.