6 arrested after high-speed chase of stolen car in Dearborn Heights

Six people were arrested after a high-speed chase in Dearborn Heights on Friday.

The chase started in Dearborn Heights and ended near an apartment building in Detroit at Cathedral and the Southfield Freeway service drive.

Ranging in age from 12 to 17, the six kids ran out of the stolen Chevy Cruz around 4 AM.

"In talking with these individuals, it’s clearly not their first time riding around in a stolen vehicle or having property on them," said Chief Paul Vanderplow, Director of Dearborn Heights police support services.

Police arrested all six of them.

"Several phones, electronics, ammunition, other key fobs for vehicles, we haven’t ascertained where those go yet," Paul said.

Authorities are working to determine if the key fobs are for stolen cars.

"Unfortunately, this is a trend in this area, juveniles conducting stolen vehicle break-ins, just general mayhem and enough is enough, we’ve had it," he said.