6 petitions to recall Warren Mayor Jim Fouts rejected by election commission

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The Macomb County Election Commission rejects six petitions aimed at recalling Warren Mayor Jim Fouts.

A major setback for a Warren city activist trying to get Fouts removed from office. On Monday the commission reviewed the petitions submitted by Joseph Hunt and the commission rejected all of them

"I feel that I was stonewalled today," Hunt said. "Because there were several petitions that were clear and they were very factual."

But the commission said it rejected the proposals because the language was not clear and or factual.

Hunt wants to see Fouts recalled because of the disparaging comments he allegedly said on tape about women, African-Americans and people with special needs.

"He's been around too long, he's senile," Hunt said. "It's still up to the adults of society to protect the most vulnerable from people like Jim Fouts.

"I filed these because no one else will. I'm tired of basically listening to people like Jim Fouts persecute people."

Jim Fouts' attorney was happy the proposed petitions were rejected.

"We don't believe the tapes are valid," said Thomas J. Ryan. "You can digitally change and they have the technology to do that. We didn't really have to get into that because the mayor still insists that it isn't his voice, he didn't say those things. We didn't have to get into that today because the exhibit itself shows it wasn't in his current term of office - if it even occurred."