Here are 6 strange beach laws in the U.S. that might surprise you

FILE-People gather on beach and enjoy sunshine. (Photo by Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

When the temperatures warm up, there will be no shortage of people heading to their local beaches for fun in the sun. 

And as you are packing towels, umbrellas, and sunblock, certain states have odd laws that may catch you off guard. 

Here are a few laws to follow when planning a beach getaway in these areas. 

Six strange beach laws in the U.S. 

1) No digging holes

A typical beach activity for visitors is playing in the sand, which sometimes involves digging a hole. However, FOX Business reports that some states consider this an illegal act at beaches. 

In Delaware, Bethany Beach prohibits digging a large hole in the sand. At Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, visitors can’t dig a hole deeper than two feet with a shovel. When someone digs a hole, individuals have to fill it back up before leaving the beach. The use of metal shovels to dig is also prohibited here.

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2) Keep sand on the beach

Beachgoers can take sand at most beaches, but some don’t allow it like Horry County beaches in South Carolina. Visitors should check the laws in the area before visiting the beach. Citing the Myrtle Beach Sun News, FOX Business reported that Horry County Beach has had this law in place since 1956. 

3) Under 17? No pinball-playing allowed

South Carolina has rules related to sand on its beaches, but also playing pinball, depending on your age. It's illegal in the state to play the game if you are under 18 years old. 

4) Singing and swimsuits do not mix

For visitors heading to beaches in Florida, it’s recommended that you limit your singing. In the state, it’s illegal to sing in a swimsuit. FOX Business notes that the strange law isn’t usually enforced, it still exists.

5) You won’t find any oranges around Miami Beach

Miami is considered one of the popular vacation destinations, and if you have a taste for an orange, visitors won’t find it on area beaches because it’s illegal to sell oranges on the sidewalks of beaches in Miami, and people violating this law may face up to 30 days in jail.

6) No Frisbee throwing

Throwing a football or Frisbee around on the beach isn't uncommon, but many beaches prohibit it, including Ocean City, Maryland Beach, and Bethany Beach, Delaware. 

FOX Business contributed to this report. This story was reported from Washington, D.C.