6-year-old girl hit by teen on minibike trying to outrun Dearborn police

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A summer's night on Robertson Street in Dearborn, with plenty of kids playing together. That was the case on July 3, but as the kids chased each other, two 17-year-olds, Yousif Al-Sudani and Nader Harb, were being chased by police. 

"There was two of them, one went this way and one came that way," said Ahmed Alaidaros.

Police say they attempted to stop the teens a couple blocks away, claiming the mini-bikes they were driving were not street legal. During that chase, police say Harb's mini bike turned the wrong way down Robertson.

"My sister, she was running from here on the street and some guy with a black motorcycle and a white shirt, he was riding fast one way and he crashed (into) her," said Alaidaros.

"I was on the street running and he came the wrong way, one way, and (hit) my leg," said Nadia Alaidaros. The impact broke the 6-year-old's leg. 

"From here to here, and she was just yelling," said Ahmed. 

"They gave me ice, then the cops at the hospital, everybody came," said Nadia.

"Then after he crashed into her, he got up got his motorcycle and ran,' said Ahmed.

Police caught up with Harb. He's been charged with reckless driving causing injury and leaving the scene of a serious accident. 

Dearborn police say the other mini bike driver jumped off his bike and ran home. And eventually he came out and gave himself up to the officers.

Al-Sudani was charged with fleeing and eluding.

Nadia is expected to make a full recovery and can't wait to get her cast off in 10 days.

The two teens will be back in court on Aug. 2.