6 year-old killed in crash, mother and baby in hospital

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Only 6 years old, a Detroit girl loses her life in a horrific crash.

Both her mom and her baby brother remain in the hospital Tuesday night. A vigil was held for Myiah Tisdale with prayers for her family.

The family is still trying to sort out conflicting stories on what lead to the crash while mourning such a terrible loss.

"Everybody is in total disbelief to say the least," said Pauletta Jones, aunt of the victims.

A family remembers a vibrant little girl and prays for the recovery of her mother and baby brother after a single car crash early Tuesday morning.

"It's hard on everybody," said Jones. "It's been a very exhausting day."

Antaneisha Tisdale was celebrating her 25th birthday when she got in the car with her two kids, and took off down Edmore near Eight Mile and Gratiot, slamming into a tree. Myiah, 6, was killed, her 1-year-old brother DJ survived with minor injuries.

"When I was at the hospital, it almost looked like he didn't have a scratch on him," said Jones. "God is good."

Myiah's godfather saw the aftermath and rushed all three of them to the hospital.

"I wasn't driving fast enough," he said at the vigil. "Picture how I feel."

Family members say there may have been some sort of argument before the crash.

"There's a lot of conflicted he said she said, so we really don't know at this time," Jones said.

Now Antaneisha is still unconscious in critical condition.

"We need her to come home, she's still got a son and she needs to explain to her son what happened to her daughter," the godfather said.

At this point it's not clear if Antaneisha will survive, the family is asking for prayers at this difficult time.