6-year-old killed, toddler and baby injured in horrific crash

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A young child was killed late Thursday on Detroit's west side and at least four other people were taken to the hospital after two cars collided head on.

The tragedy and wreckage at the corner of Manderson and Whitmore was still apparent on Friday. Police say the boy was killed, a two-year-old critically injured, and another child and three adults were also hurt when the driver of a Camaro sped through an intersection and ran a stop sign.

Neighbors like John Siebert were there was quick as they could be and tried desperately to help.

"Like two or three adults and a baby on the ground. It was a terrible site to see. My heart goes out to the family. I went to work this morning and I had to leave at 8 p.m. because I couldn't handle it," Siebert said.

Valerie Ross said she narrowly missed being a victim in the deadly crash. Ross had just arrived at her house and parked her van just minutes before the two cars collided.

"Five minutes. And before I knew it, went upstairs, and I just seen...it happened so fast. That's the whole thing. It happened real fast," Ross said.

She also said the baby was conscious and kept trying to get up.

"We're trying to keep her down because she kept trying to get up. She was about two or three," Ross aid. "The baby was bleeding. They was working on the baby and the mother was messed up. The other guy was trapped in the car. They had to use the jaws of life to get him out. It was just a crazy scene. Never seen anything like that in my life."

There are several stop signs at the corner of Manderson and Whitmore, and people who live in this area say drivers speed and run the stops signs way too often. Neighbors like Dawn Pauling who said the driver of the Camaro was speeding.

"No one stops at these stop signs. Never! The way we were told, I don't know the story, the young man who was driving in the [Camaro] - he was flying up the street and the other car was coming this way, and he must've hit them," Pauling said.

Police say the driver who caused this crash is in custody and charges are pending. His identity has not been released.