6-year-old with epilepsy drafted to Lawrence Tech men's soccer team

Lawrence Tech University announced a very special new student athlete at their latest signing event. 

A 6-year-old boy from Roseville with epilepsy is now an honorary member of the LTU men's soccer team. He was welcomed on campus in the biggest way -- as the No. 1 pick in a Team IMPACT draft on campus Wednesday night. 

Team IMPACT is a nonprofit that connects children facing serious or chronic illnesses with college sports teams. The connections form life-long bonds and life-changing outcomes for both the child and the student athletes. 

"Aiden is just one 6 year old, but I truly believe he will help our players grow, and become stronger together on and off the field," said coach Will Dyer. 

"It's very awesome. It's very nice to have Aiden included in something normal that he typically wouldn't be able to do. And it's not only a learning experience for us, but for the whole athletic community here," says his mom, Andrea Smith. 

As a team member, Aiden will attend Blue Devils practices, games, team dinners, events and more. 

"Smith brings excitement, perseverance, and resiliency to the program as he joins the team this fall," the athletic department wrote on their Facebook page. 

"He's a true warrior," Dyer added, "and now he's a Blue Devil!"