68-year-old man dies after crashing into propane truck in Westland

A Westland driver is now dead after crashing his car into a semi-truck this afternoon. 

Police say the driver, a 68-year-old man, was heading east on Ford Road just before 12:30 p.m. when he jumped the curb. Then, the car slammed into the front of the semi-truck, that was likely filled with Propane tanks. 

The men inside the truck were able to see what was coming. 

“He told his associate that was riding with him to brace yourself, we’re about to get hit,” said Mark Thompson, a witness. “We could hear a really loud bang inside the building and then a couple employees went out to see what was going on.”

Witnesses say the crash and the aftermath did not look good. 

“There was a Huron Valley ambulance that immediately started assisting the gentleman,” said Thompson. 

Thompson tells us that the semi-truck had just delivered propane tanks and this could have been a really bad explosive situation. 

“This could have been a real problem,” said Thompson. “It’s full of propane tanks, so yes it could have been an explosion.”

The driver and the passenger in the semi-truck were not hurt, but they were pretty shook up.