7-Eleven robbery spree mistake leads to arrest of suspects

A pair of thieves caught on camera pointing a gun at a clerk, then cleaning out the cash register inside a Warren 7-Eleven.

Both suspects went before judge and now they're locked up on a $2 million bond - a suspect's careless error led to his arrest.

The two criminals walked into a 7-Eleven on east 10 Mile on Dec. 21.

"Fifteen minutes earlier they robbed a 7-Eleven in Roseville," said Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer. "They were really on a spree."

On surveillance video in Warren the suspects were seen pointing the gun at the cashier and ordering him to open the first register. And as they cleared out the cash they moved onto the second register.

Police say the people behind the masks are 20-year-old Antonio Woods and his girlfriend 19-year-old Jasmine Ellis arrested Thursday night. 

They are allegedly responsible for a total of five armed robberies in December - all 7-Elevens in Macomb County.

"They confessed to all five robberies early this morning," Dwyer said.

On video Woods pulls out the drawer, leaving behind a partial finger print.

"That one print, the middle finger, is what led to an arrest of the suspect responsible for all these robberies," Dwyer said. "I think if the detectives weren't as alert, and put the time in, as far as the investigation these two suspects would still be out there committing these armed robberies."

Both Woods and Ellis are being held on a $2 million cash surety bond.